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Horse too fast

My mare is on a high fat diet - well , relatively high, as she is on a
specially formulated endurance mix with fat added , and also gets 200 ml
of oil a day as well as 1kg of whole oats and all the grass she can eat.
I have not had her teeth checked and will remedy that situation this
week. I just think her natural trot is this fast one(I have never had a
horse that can trot this fast-its quite scary) , and maybe a 50 will be
good for her to learn to rate herself. I am going to try a long(like
20km) hill this weekend and see what her recoveries are like after that.
I REALLY MUST get a HRM eventually- I think with this lady the data
would be fascinating as I have a hunch that the trot , although too fast
for me, is probably her most effective gait.I will report back after the

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