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Re: Wilderness Designations

Hi Everybody: The Reasons that activities are prohibited is because "WE the
People Have looked the other way when OUR lands have been ABUSED and SOLD to
Special Interest Groups other than Environmentalists so the results are we
do not have sufficient OPEN SPACE i/e Recreational Lands that are left to
provide uses for our GROWING POPULATIONS. Now that the EQUESTRIAN community
is being affected they/me/ALL of us that have not been taking a active and
meaningful part in the Process are crying FOUL.
THE only people that are winning are the citizens that have gotten involved
many years ago. They including myself have learned what must be done to
preserve our Open Space including Wilderness Areas. If Lands are preserved
there is a better chance that the people that have fought for them have a
better than average chance of being able to continue use as an existing
user. Or by having the laws amended.
In short the more lands that are preserved the more that will be available.
Any other OPTION will mean less land for more users, then you'll can be
assured you will not be able to use a shrinking property base. Its time all
that CRY on this site wake up and join in preserving as much of our Open
Space and Habitats as we can possibly can. Remember it is not the idealists
who want to lock it away if they have a choice. It appears that if we don't
help stop rampant develop and the sales of Our Open Spaces, we shall all pay
the PIPER. steven
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>In a message dated 2/16/99 5:22:02 PM Pacific Standard Time,
><<  I believe that equestrians are by definition environmentalists,
> because without a healthy environment we have no outdoor sport.   >>
>I do too, but in the TRUE sense of the word--people who CARE about the
>environment and want to enjoy and take care of it, rather than idealists
>want to lock it away.

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