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target shooters

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From: lianne cantrall 

target shooting is a serious problem. I've been almost shot 9 times. Twice on our property and the rest out on trail. We have complained many times over and so have our neighbors. The BLM people feel that it's our problem. They put up signs once every ten years. I am in the process of writing another letter to the manager of our area, again. I am also going to mail a copy to my congressman. Ther needs to be something done soon.  The more people there are the more target shooting. There is no law that says you have to be educated to shoot a gun, unless your a child. I guess it's assumed you have a brain on safety if your an adult. Guess again. These people do not see our houses or our bodies in the woods so they assume they are the only ones out there. I would encourage all people who value their lives to get involved and write the proper people and keep a follow up. The more voices heard the better.  This is a life and death situation. Target shooting on public lands should be in safe designated areas. There are too many uneducated or just don't care people out there. It's a good thing I don't carry a gun because I get real hot when people shoot at me. I get in ther face with my horse and dogs and tell them if they are not outta here soon the cops are on the way. They do leave because they see the anger on my face.  The problem is that the people are not the same ones every time, so you have to repeat yourself.This subject makes me extremely hot.

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