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Re: Cut on back of Apache's leg

April Lee wrote:
> First off...Thank you all for your suggestions.  Any others are still
> greatly appreciated.
> A lot of people mentioned scratches and suggested that might be what Apache
> has.  I'm not really sure what that is, but I went looking on the net for
> any info I could find.  I found somewhere that scratches is accompanied by a
> foul smell.  

Scratches is also known as "chapped heels" or "greasy heel" - it's
basically kindof like when you have a chapped lip that splits, and
everytime you smile it pops open again.  I've never had a case that
smelled bad, and I've seen LOTS of cases of scratches over the years.

> That is not the case with Apache's leg. There is no odor at
> all...foul or otherwise.  Does that rule out scratches?

> I've started using a mixture of desitin and wonder dust on the cut twice a
> day.  I'll do that for a week.  If I see no improvement, I'll probably try
> something else.  

I'd say 4 days should show some improvement.  A week to 10 days will be
needed to be sure it won't come back.

> I tried to wrap the area, but as soon as Apache walked off,
> the bandage pulled up away from the cut, leaving it defenseless to the mud
> and water.  Don't know what to do about that short of covering his hoof with
> vet wrap and duct tape.  But unless I go under the hoof, it really won't do
> any good and doing that would probably make him lose his footing.
I usually use a big fat standing wrap, all the way from the cannon bone
to the ground.  I pack it with ichthammol (or desitin) and a sterile
gauze pad at least 4x4, then add at least an inch of absorbent cotton
over that, or half an inch plus a bandaging quilt.  The wrap touches the
ground from the quarters around the heel, and goes down onto the foot in
front.  Over that I use a snug layer of vetrap (or equivalent).  This is
a very solid wrap when applied right, and the fat area of the wrap
behind the pastern (where your scratches are) keeps the skin pretty
stable.  If the horse can be kept out of the mud/wet for a few days,
this usually takes care of it.  I change the wrap every 48hrs, and
usually only have to change it twice.  After that, a good coating of the
ointment usually keeps it dry enough to finish healing.  

But like I said - they gotta stay out of the mud for a couple days, or
the mud works in under the wrap.  Don't know why duct tape wouldn't
work, either.

> Thanks again for the advice so far and any more is still very welcome.

never let it be said i kept my mouth shut.
-Abby B

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