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Re: Cut that won't heal

Quentin Llop wrote:
> Sounds to me like your horse has scratches aka greasy heel, mud fever etc.
> It is caused by a higher bacterium and thrives in wet muddy conditions. I
> have had very good luck with Desitin or generic diaper rash creme. It is
> also sensitive to penicillin, which I have used in extreme cases. Q
> recommends cleaning the area, scrubbing with betadine, applying Desitin and

I was thinking scratches too.  Desitin works well, but if we're out,
we've also been known to use Ichthammol - disgusting black tarry gunk -
but it draws well, and helps keep the dampness out.  Betadine/peroxide
scrub, DRY well, coat, and if it's really bad pack w/a big fat
cotton-padded wrap to help hold the skin still.  Can't do that with the
horse turned out in mud, though.

good luck

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