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Re: Cut that won't heal

In a message dated 2/15/99 9:50:36 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I was thinking scratches too.  Desitin works well, but if we're out,
 we've also been known to use Ichthammol - disgusting black tarry gunk -
 but it draws well, and helps keep the dampness out.  Betadine/peroxide
 scrub, DRY well, coat, and if it's really bad pack w/a big fat
 cotton-padded wrap to help hold the skin still.  Can't do that with the
 horse turned out in mud, though. >>

The mercifully few cases of scratches (but not greasy heel) we had did not
respond to Desitin, though I hear it recommended often.  I despaired and
finally used a product called Cut Heal, a concoction of fish oil, balsam of
fir, and sulfuric acid available from tack stores and vet supply catalogs.
That really did the job.  For greasy heel, our vet gave me some liguid ... all
I can remember of the name is "white lotion".  It works by drying the oozing

Barbara McCrary

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