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Re: Where do we go from here? (Selenium test)

In a message dated 2/15/99 4:33:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Also, if not a selenium problem, where do we look next?
 His first tie-up was in the Oregon 100, very cold and he was too
 excited and you just couldn't slow him. Second experience was a hot
 muggy day, easy ride, very relaxed until those cramps hit.
 Any new suggestions? (Find out more about previous history and go from
 there? As well as cont. to supplement, ride, watch and possibly
 retest?) He stresses out very easily, he's nervous and anxious alot,
 especially at a ride. Wants to go, go, go!!!

One thing to try is significant fuel-depleting exercise every day--a minimum
of 3 miles of strong work. Another thing is a single dose of a glycogen loader
the night before you intend to go out and ride--this has not yet failed to
prevent tying up. Another thing to try is a dose of glycogen loader (try Vita-
Flex's CarboCharge--I helped test it) after hard exercise to help those
muscles refuel and repair. Another thing to try is gamma oryzanol, either in
the form of rice bran (Natural Glo) or the straight extract (Body Builder). 

I think the "go,go,go" could be a flight reflex--he wants to get it over with.
Probably muscle sore. Make sure your ration is providing plenty of

Of all these, the most important is consistent daily exercise--once you've
broken out of the syndrome and have a reasonably normal horse.


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