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Re: Where do we go from here? (Selenium test)

OK, how about I try this and you all tell me what you think? 

We feed pretty much the same, mostly grass hay, or oat hay with maybe
a little alfalfa (barely.) Still give the supplement in a small amt.
of rolled oats (or switch to rice bran?)

Still give our vitamin/mineral supplement daily with the added
selenium (5 mg. total) and retest once the workouts start and become
more regular.

Exercise more often and more consistantly. Keep it easy, not stressful
for the first couple of months.

We ride with banamine paste available now, how about we take some
purple tops and if there is a problem we draw blood right there on the
spot for analysis? This would maybe tell what is off at the time of

No electrolytes before/during or after a ride for this guy. I will use
the mix Heidi gave me and try that on a daily basis.

I also have a stethascope and will get a resting heartrate and one in
the middle of the ride to get a norm for him. When we do rides this
summer, don't go out with the pack, start after everyone has left and
he can't see them and get too competitive.

I will also contact previous owner for more of a background on this
situation and why he was getting the selenium injections.

Any other suggestions as well as tests we can do for this guy? He is a
wonderful boy, good manners, really loves to go, will trot
continuously for 10 miles. A super 
long-stride power trot. He is only 12 or 13 and I think if we can get
this under control, he will be a great 50+ miler.

Heidi and her bay boys.

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