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Re: suspensory

Ti, you are so right, I have seen many suspensory injusries with both the show
horses and the endurances horses...DO NOT THINK THEY WILL COME BACK IN LESS
THE 6 MONTHS if you push that time frame you will not be riding them in a
  I show all levels of arabians...from halter to dressage....leg injuries take
time.... do not rush them..give them the time off. we have a stallion that
raced on the track all of his life then went on to win and race with no
problems with bows on both fronts, a gelding with a hind leg suspensory tear
(bad) that is doing the NRS..and many more. Do not give up hope, just use your
head when bringing them back. Go slow take your time and enjoy they trail for
a year or so and you will have your friend back.
Happy trails   Dory

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