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Re: suspensory

In a message dated 2/15/99 3:10:18 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Lois' post made me wonder about a "class" of injuries attributed to
 suspensory of detachment/time for healiang,etc...  I
 have also heard that "healed" suspensories are never as strong as the

It depends on what you mean by "healed". I used to work with Standardbreds and
these horses had tons of suspensories from trying to make their way araound
little flat half mile tracks at racing speeds. The trainers would wrap and ice
and poultice and irritate the skin--but the suspensories would never
completely heal. Because they kept racing the damned horses. A ligament is
going to require more time than a bow to heal and bows, according to the
latest reports, require more than a year for complete healing. What do you do
for that year? Light, therapeutic exercise. Easy miles.


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