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Re: Wilderness Read first

I can look at this problem in several ways; first I do endurance riding,
second I manage a Back Country Ranch in the Frank Church River of No Return
Wilderness here in Idaho, third I am the non-participating member of the
ORMV Grants Board for the Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation. I guess that
covers all angles of wilderness, horse use and ormv's so I should know a bit
about it.

Now answers; first Wilderness (notice the capital W) is land of little use.
Only the major rivers and main trails get much use and then mainly by what
you might call elite users. Young hikers in the prime of life (hell, that
was eons ago for me) and mostly younger well-to-do boaters and rafters.
Horse use is heavy during hunting season at a norm of $3000 per week for a
hunt. NO COMPETITIVE USE ALLOWED!!! Not even passing through a short
distance. Second the ORMV users are generally young healthy males (with a
few exceptions) and are most always eager to clear trail. That helps us
horse people. (lot easier to get on and off a bike than a horse). Third in
this part of the country a lot of the ORMV people also own horses. We must
band together.

I would advise many of you out there to investigate the "Blue Ribbon
Coalition" participants back at the symposium in NC and advocates for all
types of trail users. Yes I know they are predominantly mechanized but they
do fight for we equestrians. Remember the Symms Bill now known as the
Recreational Trails Fund? Money for our non-motorized trails if you get out
there and ask for it! (and also do a bit of work)

Sorry you all got me on a mouth run off about something I feel very strongly
about. Please NO MORE WILDERNESS!!!

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 8:53 PM
Subject: Re: Wilderness Read first

> wrote:
>> Remember the letter writing campaign we just went through for the Grand
>> Staircase Escelante National Monument?  Don't undo what we were working
>> there.  VOTE NO ON WILDERNESS. LovellWhen one kind of user is shut out,
it's just a matter of time until more
>of us are refused access.  Wilderness means "no organized rides", not
>just no ATV'ers.  There's strength in numbers and strength in unity.

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