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Re: cut healing

Don & Penni Collins wrote:
> I used some of this stuff on myself - and it burned my skin.  It caused
> the
> > skin to turn bright red and turned into a rash.  It was awful.  Are some
> > people (or horses) allergic?
> Karen,
> I think you probably had some sort of analgesic with Emu Oil, Not the
> pure 100% Emu Oil. Unless there was allready something ON your skin that
> the Emu Oil carried WITH it.  We have(and some burn centers) BURN
> patients using PURE EMU OIL, in fact emu oil seems to take the PAIN AWAY
> within minutes. We have a documented series of pictures of a boy with
> second and third degree burns that used Emu Oil.  The Doctors thought
> they were going to have to graft skin on his nose and he came out with
> NO scarring and healed in a very short time (12 days)  There is a Doctor
> in Australia that did a ten year study with 500 patients and had no
> negative or allergic reactions.  BUT Emu Oil IS a carrier and anything
> on your skin will be carried in with it.  I would be interested in what
> it was that you had used so we can figure this out so you won't be
> afraid of Emu Oil.  I have SO MANY people and HORSES that it has helped!
> We will have a picture of a mare that was caught (if you can imagine
> this) in an Electric BARBED wire fence(owners should be shot) that was
> healed with pure Emu Oil. OUR wound salve is ALL Natural we have only
> had it out on the local market since this summer so again I would really
> be interested in the product you had a problem with.  Send me your
> address and I will send you some wound salve and pure oil, or if you
> will be at the convention I will give you some there.
> Hope to hear from you!
> Sincerely,
> Penni

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