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Re: cut healing

>SENT US horses that they couldn't get healing.  Emu Oil is a very deep
>pentrating(short chain fatty acid profile) natural anti-inflammatory
>that also adds elasticity to the skin, muscle, tendon. It doesn't sting
>the horse will actually get great comfort and relief when using it.  We


I used some of this stuff on myself - and it burned my skin.  It caused the 
skin to turn bright red and turned into a rash.  It was awful.  Are some 
people (or horses) allergic?  Once I realized it was burning I tried 
washing it off, and it was too late.  I can't imagine putting that onto my 
horse and having it give him the same reaction - it was quite painful and 
lasted a very long time.

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,455 miles
& Rocky, 1,075 :)

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