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Strange bleeding feet (long)

Hi everybody!
	Hauled Sunshine, my mount for the Montell Cliffhanger (hopefully), out to
the ranch for a weekend of conditioning rides.  We left the pens at a trot,
and trotted and loped 4 miles in around 30 minutes.  She was feeling good
and really stretching out, hardly sweating or breathing when we came back
to the pens.  I intended to get off for just a second and then do the 4
miles again at a slower pace (aargh, my knees!).  Got off, informed Bret I
was going right back out, when he says, "She's got blood all over!"  Look
down, her front feet are all bloody.  She's NOT lame at all!  Oozy, thick
blood is coming from two places on her left front and one place on her
right front. (Right at the hairline)  It looked kind of yellow-ish, icky,
but that might have been sand stuck in it.  Blood was splattered all over
her hind legs underneath and running down her hooves.  It didn't look at
all like overreaches, the icky spots were on the outside and inside of the
hoof on one and just on the inside of the other in the hairline.  She's
barefooted and NEVER has overreached with me before, I unsaddled her and
washed her feet and legs down with cold water and put some purple spray
stuff on her.  Could this be THREE simultaneous abcesses rupturing????  I
rode her 9 miles yesterday (slow trotting), and she wasn't lame at all,
acted as if nothing had happened!  I had overreach boots on her, just in
case.  When I pulled the boots off after the ride, there was no blood,
nothing.  As if I'd imagined it, just three little dirty spots where dust
had stuck to the wounds.  So, what could this be?  Anybody?  Also, Bret
(owns her) says she's tough, very high pain threshold.  I've been riding
almost daily, she hasn't been sore before this either. 
Rachael & Sunshine

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