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cut healing

We have had phenomenal results with all sorts of cuts, some exactly
where Apaches is, using our Emu Oil and Wound salve containing Emu Oil!
In fact our local vet is so impressed we are about to launch a
documented, clinical study. This is after hounding him and showing him
how well Emu Oil works for the past two years!  He has in the past year
SENT US horses that they couldn't get healing.  Emu Oil is a very deep
pentrating(short chain fatty acid profile) natural anti-inflammatory
that also adds elasticity to the skin, muscle, tendon. It doesn't sting
the horse will actually get great comfort and relief when using it.  We
will be debuting our Livestock products at the Convention.  To get some
immediately you can go to our Web Site, I ship Daily.  Good Luck, Hope
to hear from you!

Penni S. Collins/Stillwater Emu & Spanish Arabian Ranch
"Laid In Montana" All Natural Emu Oil Products

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