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I will attempt to address your problem because I am the ride manager for
the next central region ride.  I hear your frustration in saved parking
spaces very well, because I am one who cannot take off of work, and our
family arrives after midnight at most rides.
The problem is not so much saving space, which  every RM HAS to do for
volunteers and vets, but the fact that everyone insists on an acre to park.
 The ride in which you are talking about...I was there...and BTW, we
arrived at 11:30pm Friday night and had a GREAT place to park right near
the vet check.  Why?  We don't need a lot of space, we don't put up fact two other rigs parked beside us, arriving even later than
we did.....none had corrals...all fit in a space that normally ONE person
would overtake...
The solution to your problem is that everyone cannot put up an acre of
fence, with rides being so crowded nowadays, and let me tell you, the ride
you mention has MORE places to park than just about any Central Region

The parking at my ride, the Cougar Prowl, is VERY limited...hence there is
a very strict rule that NO ONE and that means NO ONE can put up corrals or
fences if they park in the first lot.  If you want fences, you have to park
further away.  In this manner, I can fit 40 rigs in a place that would
accommodate about 10 if I did not have this rule.
****We are not riding from showhorse parking lot!  By golly, we are riding
in a remote area!!!****
If you bought a rig too big to fit into a small area, and you insist on
every comfort from home, including as much space as your pasture, that is
NOT the ride manager's problem!
As a ride manager, I have to spend my precious time Friday being the
parking lot police and that is something I really HATE to do. And  if I
hear ONE MORE complaint about the parking, the ride just may not go on next
year!  *I* am not GOD!  *I* cannot make a parking lot out of the woods!  We
don't own this land.  We spend DAYS brushhogging for YOU to eek out every
corner we can!
So, again, I have to say once more, you guys don't know what a FINE LINE
you are riding...YOU may be the one whose complaint was the last
straw...and YOU will find yourself with NO RIDE to go to next year.

As you can tell, *I* am almost there :>

Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Arabians

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