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Re: Parking

>NOT the ride manager's problem!
>As a ride manager, I have to spend my precious time Friday being the
>parking lot police and that is something I really HATE to do.

You go girl!!!  What's worse is that these people are your friends, they
know better, but they seem to just "have" to see if they can get away
with taking up 1/4 acre or so.  It's very embarassing to have to ask
someone to make their corral smaller.  

Even if they have it in their mind that "I can make it smaller if they
end up needing the space", that doesn't work. The parking gets all
cattiwampus from all the odd spaces chopped up right and left.  Why not
make it smaller, then you can enlarge later if there's room...and if you
really think you have to have space, park at the far end of the field
next to the bog and you won't hear any complaints.

 I will admit there are some exceptions.  For instance, it does matter
where we park Susan Kasemayer, since her rig is where everybody
congretates after the ride, so it makes sense to choose a good spot for
the "community center".

Oh well, you don't want to get me started about people who park blocking
the water source, etc.


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