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Re: Fw: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Wilderness

In a message dated 2/15/99 10:04:05 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< "Should the U.S. government declare more land
 >> protected wilderness areas?" The results were about 80% Yes and 20% No
 >> until some online off-road vehicle (ORV) discussion groups started to
 >> organize a "No" campaign (encouraging each of their comrades to vote
 >> multiple times). Now the poll is running about 50-50.
 >> These numb-skull ORV extremists think that no one will notice that they
 >> are trying to stack the deck. Let's thwart this desperate attempt to
 >> draw attention to their anti-wilderness cause. >>

Keep in mind that the designated wilderness areas are also closed to many of
our activities, too.  While it is true that we can ride horses in wilderness
areas, we cannot maintain trails, use them for organized events, etc.  I will
firmly support the ORV'ers on this one--they have been one of the most active
groups in our area for helping to keep trails open to public and multiple use,
and endurance riders have benefitted immensely from their powerful lobby.  I
will certainly contact the CNN site and vote, and I would urge ALL of you who
care about keeping trails open to do so--AGAINST locking up more of our land
in wilderness areas that are only open to those wealthy enough and with the
desire to take guided "vacations" in the back country, sometimes with long
waiting lists.

Heidi Smith, DVM

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