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Re: Fw: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Wilderness

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999 13:17:50 EST, wrote:

>Keep in mind that the designated wilderness areas are also closed to many of
>our activities, too.  While it is true that we can ride horses in wilderness
>areas, we cannot maintain trails, use them for organized events, etc.  I will
>firmly support the ORV'ers on this one--they have been one of the most active
>groups in our area for helping to keep trails open to public and multiple use,
>and endurance riders have benefitted immensely from their powerful lobby.  I
>will certainly contact the CNN site and vote, and I would urge ALL of you who
>care about keeping trails open to do so--AGAINST locking up more of our land
>in wilderness areas that are only open to those wealthy enough and with the
>desire to take guided "vacations" in the back country, sometimes with long
>waiting lists.

Yep, in Bankhead National Forest years ago they were proposing the
Sipsey Wilderness Area.  The original Alabama 50 trail ran through it.
The horsemen supported creating the wilderness area and then -- you
guessed it -- they closed it to horses.  For a couple of years the
ride was still able to use the trail, but not allowed to mark or clear
the trail in any way (we had to post guides).  Then a tornado blew
some trees down across the trail making it almost impassable, and we
were not allowed to clear the downed trees or make a new route around
that area.  Then the Sipsey was closed completely to horses.


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