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Re: Fw: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Wilderness

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999 13:17:50 EST, wrote:

>In a message dated 2/15/99 10:04:05 AM Pacific Standard Time,

><< "Should the U.S. government declare more land
> >> protected wilderness areas?" The results were about 80% Yes and 20% No
> >> until some online off-road vehicle (ORV) discussion groups started to
> >> organize a "No" campaign (encouraging each of their comrades to vote
> >> multiple times). Now the poll is running about 50-50.
> >> These numb-skull ORV extremists think that no one will notice that they
> >> are trying to stack the deck. Let's thwart this desperate attempt to
> >> draw attention to their anti-wilderness cause. >>
>Keep in mind that the designated wilderness areas are also closed to many of
>our activities, too.  

Another thing just occured to me ... why is it that it's OK for the
Sierra Club or a wilderness society to pass the word for their people
to vote, but if another organization does it ("numb-skull ORV
extremists?") they're "trying to stack the deck?"  

Anyway, until the government starts being more fair and even-handed in
allowing access to wilderness areas I oppose adding any more of them.
Don't forget that a new wilderness designation almost ended the Tevis
Cup -- it took an act of Congress to get them an exception!


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