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Frigid Digit

I recently attended the Frigid Digit ride and have only one complaint.  But

before complaining, I want to say that it was very well organized.  They

had 3 vets working which resulted in short vet lines.  The ride management

worked very hard and did a very good job!  The weather was wonderful and

you couldn't ask for better trails.  My complaint is the growing number of

saved spaces in camp.  I have a small rig and when I pull two horses I 

cannot carry my own water.  Therefore,  I leave early, so I can get a spot

in camp close to water so I don't have to carry it so far.  I pulled into

camp and there was at least 100ft of yellow caution tape roped off, plus

many other numerous spots close to camp that were being saved for other

people.     I can understand saving for Vets and workers, but alot of these

saved spots were for other riders which had nice rigs which were fully self

I think saved spaces should only be for VIP's ie, vets, workers, managment

etc...  It should be first come, first serve.  

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