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coming off a suspensory injury

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From: Lois Crowley 

Need some advice;
Yes, its the dreded "S" injury.
Got diagnosed early Nov. Had xrays, joint is clean, small shadow on medial(?) sesamoid. Will re-xray as soon as glacier in driveway disappears and trailer will go down straight not sideways.

My Vet has recommended the following:
  Lay up in small paddock. (No "cruising" with the yearling)  Add calcium(OsteoForm) to diet.  Put egg bars on fronts w/#2 degree pads and borium on for winter. 

I also did some herbs(Phytoflex), homeopathics, and been using magnets.  Also added MSM thru Dec. 

My goal is to start him back to work in mid March and see.....right now there is no heat or swelling, just a quarter size bump over the injury(lateral? branch).  He's starting out slightly off but warms out of it in about 10 mins of alt. walking and jogging.  

Finally the question- Am I going too fast?  

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