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People Shoes & Horror Story

Hi Everyone,

I nearly passed out when I saw people were still riding in sneakers.  PLEASE
be careful.  I used to ride in sneakers all of the time.  I had a horse that
go a fright and I came off, well not completely.  My foot was caught in the
stirrup because of those lausy sneakers.  Eventually it came off.  But I was
underneath the horse with the reins around my neck (long and separated),
getting kicked with every canter stride.  Very scary.  I was dragged like
this for about five minute and I was a mess, the only way home though is on
the horse and I had to keep riding.

I now ride always in short jodhpurs boots we call them.  You may call them
work boots, I can run in them and go anywhere with these boots.  they are
the Blundstone variety and have a plastic sole with a small treed for grip,
but they have lasted for nearly 4 y/rs and are maybe starting to leak a
little now.

Ride in what ever you feel comfortable in of course, but I please beg you to
ride in proper riding shoes of some sort.  With a heel and not too much red.
I never thought after all of the years of riding it could happen to me but
it did.  By the way I'm usually the dork with the helmet, my brain may not
take another scramble.

Donna P.

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