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Straw construction

We live in a straw bale house (unfinished).  Have some friends who built
a loafing shed and a straw bale barn the latter  can hold several tons
of hay, and has a tack area plus 2 stalls.  It is gorgeous, altho also
unfinished.  Once you get the chickenwire over the bales, you can even
let your horses around it - they aren't much interested in straw vs real
food, and don't bother the bales.  The "feel" of straw bale constructed
buildings is really nice, the R-value is extremely high, and once it is
plastered, you literally can't burn one down (I suppose you could burn
the roof, tho) , which for hay storage is a nice point.  We have a sort
of online construction journal of the trials & tribulations while
building our place.  Go to
Maybe the next time we're at our friend's place, I'll take some photos
of their cool barn. Lif
   Remember, we want to sell off our horses - SOON!
                       Quemado, NM  USA

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