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People shoes

Here's a test that might tell you whether to change your riding style or
your foot wear (thanks Walter Wright)

Get a scale.  Sit on a chair.  Put the ball of one foot on the scale .
Note when you've got 4 oz of pressure.  Do same with the other foot, so
you can recognize what 4 oz feels like for each foot.  This is how much
pressure on your stirrups Walter says you should ride with.

Now, I confess, I can't keep just 4 oz of pressure on my stirrups all
the time I ride, but it has become a routine check point for me now - I
routinely see if my feet are pressing more than 4 oz on those stirrups
or not - and when I am,  I lighten up on those stirrups!  My foot
soreness & knee problems (& occasional shin pain) magically went away
after starting this program.  Adjust your stirrup leathers, your riding
style, your saddle or whatever you have to adjust, keep checking the
foot pressure amount, and see if that fixes your foot wear problem.  If
not, then go for the shoes

Lif (swear by Ariats)
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