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Brain training


Just to prove once again that every horse is different, and not all
techniques work on all horses...  I have a mare that the circling technique
has always worked well on in the past.  She is just being started back up
after a 6 month lay up and is very amped.  Right now when I just THINK of
the circling cue she circles on her own to hurry up and get it over with,
and then continue on.  If I ask her to continue to circle to make my point
she will literally begin to spin like a reining horse with no cue from me
at all.  I fear the circling is a lost cause on this mare at the moment.  I
think she actually is enjoying it. I have also tried backing her up every
time she starts to hurrying, and I don't think I have ever ridden a horse
that will back up as fast and far as she is doing with little to no cue.
At this point I think the taking a few snacks out with me and hanging for a
while under an Oak tree is going to be much more effective.

I will, however, give the posted techniques a try on my young gelding when
he gets to hurrying.  I think he will not enjoy the circling so much.

Jennifer Layman, Goose and Hooy
Menlo Park, CA

>Hi Cindy, Ridecampers,
>   Circles are the miracle cure for jigging home.

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