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Re: Brain Training?(long)

"Budler,Cindy" wrote:
> I think this is what the post was called, can't remember who it was that
> suggested the circling bit, but I am eternelly grateful
> I don't know if others are like me , but sometimes I know things but
> don't think of them until someone states the obvious!!(We have tried
> this while schooling in the menage, but not on the trail)
> My mare(the one that pulled the neck muscle) is now sound again and I
> started training again Monday,but after 2 weeks off she is a maniac
> again!! 
> ...... Yesterday I had a brainstorm and
> remembered the posts and thought loose rein walk , and circles-lets try.
> I took 5 kms of circling every time she decided to trot on her own -
> eventually I was dizzy. Eventually she was walking towards home on a
> loose(I mean loopy loose) rein. When asked to trot she did so and when
> asked to walk she immediately dropped to a walk and kept that pace.! A
> miracle!!!!!
> We are aiming on doing the walk bit for another few days and then
> graduating to trying it at the trot, and maybe when I am brave enough,
> the canter.
> Thanks , everyone, and specifically the original poster - it's working.

Whoopee!!! Yiiiiiha! Good you you, Cindy! I am so glad you were
persistent - you got the great results! Give yourself a huge pat on the

I posted "Race Brain Training" originally, and Wendy did an excellent
post on bending yesterday - and a subsequent post on the single rein
stop. A few days ago Lynette wrote another excellent post on circling.

I talked to Wendy, and will pull together a series of html pages with
these articles (need to get Lynette's okay too!). I've been working in
the background with about 12 other people who are doing this work,
answering questions in detail and adding information. I'll put the Q&A
on a page also. 

Also, I had 2 horses who were violent spookers, and have worked with one
poster explaining how I cured these two (both older geldings that were
persistent violent spookers) to help her with her horse. I'll follow up
to see what helped and what didn't, and add it to the page.

As this Race Brain Training page progresses, I'll let you all know where
it is (I can have a page on my isp, but I don't know how big), and I can
email it out.


The hard part is remembering to do this stuff rather than get into an
argument... we are accustomed to fighting with these types of hot
horses, and we forget to try this. Even with my success with it, I'll
sometimes catch myself fighting instead of methodically reviewing the
training. Especially with Kadance... it's hard to remember to choose NOT
to fight.

Your success made my day! Congratulations!

Linda Cowles - Gilroy CA

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