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RE: Ivomec cattle injectable.  First, I'm not a vet.  I did get the dosages
from my vet.

For Horses.  We used the injectable form until Texas A&M had the oral
studies done, they found it as effective orally as IM and a whole lot
safer.  The potential problem with IM injections was site abcess with a
dangerous bug....don't remember if it was one of the staphs or streps
now.....we had to scrub the injection site for 20 minutes with betadine and
had to keep IV crystalline penicillin here to give immediately (even before
calling the vet) if any signs of abscess were found.  That was about 17-18
years ago.  We did it IM for a year and have done it orally, every other
month for the horses since.

Pepper was here for the whole time, until she died last year at 46.  Marley
and Gypsy have been here for the whole time period.  He is 36, she is 29. 
They are both sound and healthy, on no meds or treatments except that Gypsy
(who is grey) has been on Tagamet for several years for what began as a
very aggressive melanoma.  She is in remission but will get a maintenance
dose of tagamet daily for as long as she lives.  Lots of horses who have
been here for shorter periods, we have never had any problems with
injectable ivomec, administered orally on grain,  at all.

RE Dogs:  Lynnette made a good point, I knew it but failed to mention it,
if you are going to use it in dogs, never use it in collies or shelties. 
Toxic and often lethal to those breeds.  I dunno, think it is not to be
given to cats, we don't have any and haven't kept up on cat stuff.

The dose for horses or dogs is one milliliter (cc) per 110 lbs body weight.
 For small dogs (we have only Borzoi and they aren't small), use an insulin
syringe to get the correct dose.  That dose for dogs will get all the worms
except tapes (same as horses) and is several times the dose required as a
monthly heartworm preventative, so you don't have to worry about that
either.  Be sure the dog you are gonna give it to is heartworm free.  A
dose that size will kill all of them at once and kill the dog if he has
big'uns!  We do dogs monthly, horses every other month.  We are on the TX
Gulf Coast, never gets cold enough to kill parasite eggs.

A 12 cc syringe will permit you to measure an accurate dose for a horse up
to 1320 lbs.  If he weighs more, you will have to draw the rest after you
squirt the first amount on the feed.  We have had horses object to eating
it, the vet said the horse ivomec is more palatable.  We find that they
want the grain badly enough to eventually eat it with cattle ivomec on it,
after a few months they stop objecting and eat it as if it were good.

We squirt it into the dog's mouths, the volume is small and they just
swallow it down.  Our dogs live to ripe old ages, don't think it hurts them
at all but there have been questions in the dog breeding community about a
possible decrease in fertility.  We havn't had that problem either.

We have not experienced development of worm resistance. We don't rotate and
won't unless we need to, so far, no problem.

It kills ticks and fleas for about 72 hours also, we think it is wonderful
stuff, buy it in the biggest size Jeffers sells.


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