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Re: Worming/dogs

>One word of caution, Ivomec was been know to cause fatalities in dogs
>that are collie or related to the collie breeds. I give Ivomec to my
>Great Pyrenees and my German Shepherd, but would never consider giving
>to my Shetland Sheepdog. Even though the Sheltie is not suppose to be
>related to the collie, some years back some Sheltie breeders tried
>breeding in some collie lines, it didn't work out the best so they quit,
>but I do not know for sure if my Sheltie is related to those lines, and
>he is too dear to my heart to take the chance.
Ivermectin, at the labelled dose for heartworm prophylaxis, is safe o use
in collies and collie crosses. It is at higher, extralabel doses, for
purposes such as treatment for mange, that toxicities occur in sensitive dogs.
That being said, be *extremely* careful if you are using anything other
than the licensed form of ivermectin for treating your dogs. It is very
easy to overdose them on it, and treating the results is frustrating--the
only thing I can do is supportive care while hoping the animal recovers.
And not all of them do. I can give you references from owners who wish they
hadn't tried to save money in this particular fashion.
                --CMNewell, DVM

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