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Re: Cal Poly Arabian Mares (From:Student)

In a message dated 2/3/99 8:03:12 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

 Additionally, I have just made arrangements for an old horse at my place
 to be slaughtered for food for wild animals...which they do right here in
 california.  I think this is a very respectable way for a horse to go (I
 actually prefer it over the "made into furniture" thing).
 You have to do something with a dead horse and virtually nobody burries
 them in a grave.
I don't have any problem with what they're used for AFTER they're dead.  My
concern is how they GET DEAD.  The major problem with selling them for
slaughter is that they are shipped live to their final destination (correct me
if I'm wrong).  Also, I would not want to lose control over how my horse takes
his last steps.  I've been lucky to only have to experience this sad
occurrence once and it was handled humanely and gently by my veterinarian.
The horse was then buried.  Although, as I said, I wouldn't have any problem
with some type of recycling here, it is just that in our area there is the
option of burial, so that is what I chose.  If you're having a horse put down,
you owe it to them to make sure that it is done in the most humane way
possible.  It seems to me that the few bucks made by selling them for
slaughter (IF they have to be shipped live) is hardly worth it.


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