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Re: Putting horses down

 "You have every right to kill your animals, so long as you avoid violating
any cruelty laws; likewise I have every right to refuse to kill your horse
if I think it's a stupid thing to do"

I have to agree with CMNewell DVM on this , I once talked a guy into giving
me a 2 month old reg. QH Doc Bar bred filly instead of putting her down ,
reason he was putting her down ? She was born the wrong color and not
enough chrome on her for the show ring ! I got a great deal on that one !!
On the other side of the coin I once had a vet out to put down a two year
old that had kicked out and done unrepairable damage to his stifle , the
colt was standing there in great obvious pain and shock and the "vet
"proceeded to tell me that if he had been a MULE he wouldn't of done that
to himself ! You can bet he never stepped foot on our place again !
                                          Drin & Bo
                                           S.W. Mt.

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