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Re: Trailer accidents

Alison Dunn wrote:
> Since scary trailer topics are being posted...
> I have been wondering about this one for awhile.  If a trailer is
> overturned and the horse needs to be removed by pulling it out from
> the back, where does one attach ropes or whatever to do the job with-
> out damaging joints, etc..  This is presuming that there is no expert
> help available to wait for, or that the emergency help doesn't have
> a clue about horses, and needs someone to direct them.
I'm no expert, but I'd start by assuming the horse is like a "giant dog"
mechanically - How would I drag/pick up a dog?  I'd put one rope around
the base of the neck like a pulling collar & then run it between the
front legs; another rope around the loins in front of the pelvis; tie
the first rope to the loop around the loins; then pull on them both. 
Logistics permitting, I'd never attach ropes to tail, legs, or head.  
Hmmmm an interesting puzzle. BTW, several years ago I saw a video about
basic horse emergency rescue, produced for the use of emerg personnel. 
Someone also suggested "horse people" offering training seminars for
emerg personnel who in all likelihood have never patted/handled horses,
let alone tried to rescue them from burning buildings or overturned
trailers.  The idea was to get them familiar enough so that they can
hold/lead/attempt to control horses if the need were to arise in an
emergency.  I thought it was a pretty good idea.

-Abby B

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