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Re: In favor of Paring

I think if your horse already has rock hard feet like
Kaboot, it doesn't matter much but for a horse like Tony who
will bruise if he's within 10 feet of a rock not paring has
helped a lot


Angela C. McGhee wrote:
> O.K. I'll be the devil's advocate.  I have a wonderful farrier who does a
> great job, but since I'd heard everyone talk so much about this paring
> thing, last fall I asked him to "not pare away the sole".  Well, he
> studied a little and said,"It's got to go down some for me to trim the
> wall."  Remember now...up to this point I'd had NO problems, and I ride
> on some of the rockiest places around.  I quickly said, "Never mind, do
> what you always do," but he said he'd see what he could do.
>  What I got was a set of shoes that lasted 4 weeks before they were too
> long instead of 6.  We clicked and clacked the whole 50 miles at the
> Mountin' Hopes ride.  People were looking back constantly to see if it
> was their horse.  Drove everybody crazy.  From now on I'll keep my mouth
> shut and not fix what ain't broke, no matter what's the hot topic of the
> day is.  By the way, he keeps those frogs pretty too, and we haven't had
> thrush either.
> Angie
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