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In favor of Paring

O.K. I'll be the devil's advocate.  I have a wonderful farrier who does a
great job, but since I'd heard everyone talk so much about this paring
thing, last fall I asked him to "not pare away the sole".  Well, he
studied a little and said,"It's got to go down some for me to trim the
wall."  Remember now...up to this point I'd had NO problems, and I ride
on some of the rockiest places around.  I quickly said, "Never mind, do
what you always do," but he said he'd see what he could do. 

 What I got was a set of shoes that lasted 4 weeks before they were too
long instead of 6.  We clicked and clacked the whole 50 miles at the
Mountin' Hopes ride.  People were looking back constantly to see if it
was their horse.  Drove everybody crazy.  From now on I'll keep my mouth
shut and not fix what ain't broke, no matter what's the hot topic of the
day is.  By the way, he keeps those frogs pretty too, and we haven't had
thrush either.


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