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Filtering ride camp email

Liz Carpenter wrote:
> With the introduction of changes to the list I
> was wondering if I could make a small suggestion?
> I was wondering if it would be possible (with the
> new software) to add a little 'flag' at the
> start of the subject line, such as [ridecamp]
> or [rc] for messages that are going through the
> list? Perhaps [rc] would be better so that
> 'over-the-shoulder' readers at work don't realise
> that people are reading endurance posts instead
> of professional posts <g>

There's a very easy way filter ridecamp email into a sub folder using
Netscape tools, and other mail tools may have the same abilities.

All of my ridecamps are downloaded directly into a mail folder,
RIDECAMP, which I created in my INBOX folder. 

I used the EDIT > MESSAGE FILTERS... form to filter all messages from and all messages to to go
into that folder.

Works like a dream!!!

Linda - Gilroy

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