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Re: FM50

>It is interesting to me to note that a ride that was restricted to 120
>entries and "closed" the ride because it was full only started 105 horses.
>What happened t the other 15 people??? Were there really that many horses
>that didn't pass the pre-ride vet check?
>If so, is this normal (I must confess, I am unaware of what is the normal
>number of horses t onot pass the vet in).

    I helped put on many endurance events several years ago.  (triathlons,
runs, cycle)   In those events you learned to expect a 10% no show of the
preregistered people.  In horse endurance events I would expect the rate to
be higher because you now have two animals that have to be healthy, no
emergencies etc.  So a 15% no show would not be unexpected to me.   This is
assuming the weather stays good.  When it was raining before and at the
start of an event the no shows would climb to 50% depending on how much the
entry fee was and how important the race was.

   So at FM with possible rain forecast the 15% no show I would think is
about normal.  I heard he took over 120 preregistered based on what day they
were postmarked or received???  It would be hard to cut off the mail in the
middle of one days amount. So I think he took it all through one day which
exceeded 120.   I heard somewhere between 127 and 135 actual entries
accepted.  But I don't know this for sure.
    Ridecamp people can sure be squeaky wheels so the likelihood of this not
happeneing again is probably greater than it would be without ridecamp.


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