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Re: FM50

So you would prefer to have a line of 150  people checking in and when
number 121 comes up you say, "Sorry, ride's full, pack up and go home." ?
We have a limit on our ride but always take 15 or 20 extra entries just in
case.  The park rangers don't count the horses anyway.

"Angela C. McGhee" wrote:

> Nope.  This is my argument against pre-entries, as a ride manager.
> It goes like this:
> Rider Number:
> 1.  Planned to come but horse was off Fri. morn. with abcess.
> 2.  Planned to come, but 5 year old child had a temp. of 103.
> 3.  Planned to come, truck blew transmission.
> 4.  Planned to come, but was riding with Rider #3.
> 5.  Planned to come, but horse had mild colic Thurs.
> 6.  Planned to come, but sprained her ankle......
> That's what happens.
> Angie
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