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A few years back, at the Camp Far West ride, as I was leaving camp to go home
about 3 miles from camp I saw a horse with a number on running on the side of
the road.  I stopped and the car behind me stopped, it took a little while but
we caught the horse.  He had some injuries none too bad, the other girl that
stopped said the horse must of come from camp, but my first reaction was that he
had come out of a horse trailer.  The other gal had a cell phone and the number
of the ride manager at camp and we called for a vet and another trailer.  Sure
enough the vet agreed that the horse had come out of a trailer.  Just as he
finished treating the horse and we were about to load him on the other trailer
here come a trailer hauling @%# and we knew it had to be the owner.  Needless to
say they were so glad to see there horse standing up and not badly injured.
They had not missed the horse until they got home, all the way back to camp
(about an hour drive) they expected to see the horse dead on the side of the
road.  What we think happened was that the horse broke the tie rope, the divider
had been moved over to give the horse more room, and that the escape door had
popped open and the horse jumped out.  The people were using a camper (large)
for the first time and the road out was very rough so they could not see or feel
the horse when he jumped out.  As I said before the horses injuries where not
too serious, however I do not know if he is still doing endurance.
Corky Young

robert and carla lawson wrote:

> it seems that no matter what we do NOTHING is fool proof!!!!! I speak from
> hard expeirence.
> think i am going to build one of those hamster balls for the horse
> size????????
> with my rotten luck dang horse will crash thru the fence and roll into a log
> truck.
> the double decker cattle trucks. Try watching two cows go through the same
> door at the same time. that was an ugly feat! they freed themselves but geez
> it was an awful site to behold. I think those things should have to go
> through some safety standards that is my OPINION which however is not the
> opinion of the ridecamp, they are only providing service for me to vent.
> Carla (I cringe everytime i pass those things)
> Ansata ( you are NOT getting me in one of them ball things mom)
> Haley (MMMM looks like FUN!!!)
> Rob ( can we make money off this??)
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