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Re: RC: quiting

In a message dated 12/9/99 5:53:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  In theory, the horses had time to eat at the holds.  
 Yes, I know, food eaten at holds is a long time to the gut, but it 
 does help stimulate things.   Some of the horses that "quit" were 
 seasoned competitors and it sure was a surprise.  I was riding with 
 a horse that was doing his second 100.  We were riding together 
 for 65 miles with very happy horses.  All of sudden he quit while 
 cantering, just pulled off the pace and stopped. >>

A few questions--even though there was time to eat, DID they eat?  And what 
did they have in their guts PRIOR to the ride?  Also, although I think the 
energy plays a part, I've also seen horses with sub-clinical tie-ups quit 
exactly the same way.  As to the experienced horse--can't say this was the 
case because I don't have a history or know the horse, but sometimes 
overconditioning can make them more prone to this sort of thing, too.


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