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it seems that no matter what we do NOTHING is fool proof!!!!! I speak from 
hard expeirence.
think i am going to build one of those hamster balls for the horse 
with my rotten luck dang horse will crash thru the fence and roll into a log 
the double decker cattle trucks. Try watching two cows go through the same 
door at the same time. that was an ugly feat! they freed themselves but geez 
it was an awful site to behold. I think those things should have to go 
through some safety standards that is my OPINION which however is not the 
opinion of the ridecamp, they are only providing service for me to vent.
Carla (I cringe everytime i pass those things)
Ansata ( you are NOT getting me in one of them ball things mom)
Haley (MMMM looks like FUN!!!)
Rob ( can we make money off this??)

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