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Re: RE: When a horse "quits"

As a diabetic and one who is becoming wiser daily, I can attest to the fact
that it is carbs that cause me the big trouble....the afternoon crash when
I simply run out of gas and need a nap.  Virtually eliminating carbs this
past week brought my blood glucose down 50 points without my oral
medication and I have had NO afternoon crashes.  I have more energy than
ever!!!  (I have only lost 2 # but I don't care if I lose ANY when I feel
this good!!)  Now, to apply this to our horses, I have my doubts about
pumping carbs into them.  I am with Heidi on this one.......lots of
roughage DAYS before the ride.  I also let them eat all the soaked beet
pulp they want (for the day or so before we haul plus the whole time we are
at the ride) with their pellets and a handful of sweet feed (flavoring
mostly) and though they don't get it just before or during the ride, I
really feel the oil we feed our horses daily gives them that extra reserve.
 My horse ain't fast, but I haven't yet seen him poop out on me.  I hope
that means my strategy is working.  I have to admit the beet pulp and oil
started out more because I couldn't stand a skinny endurance horse and
seems to have advantages I hadn't bargained for. :)  (BTW, I am using the
Atkins diet for those wondering and yes, I am eating some carbs but
compared to what I used to eat, it's the next best thing to nothing!)

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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