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Trails Issue - VA/Old Dom. Trails related

Ridecampers - please note below in proposal that this park includes trail
utilized during the OD 100.

The Shenandoah River State Park is currently reviewing its master plan and
there is a strong
possibility we will have another park in Virginia that will cater to horses.
in order to be sure that this happens we are asking all riders in the area
of the park to attend the public planning meeting this week on Wednesday,
Dec. 8 at 7:00 pm at the Bentonville Fire Hall (behind the South Warren Fire
and Rescue Station) on Rt. 340 about 9 miles south of Front Royal.  Riders
need to speak out in favor of having trail access at this facility as well
as future horse camping.  If riders do not speak out, then park officials
will determine that there is not a lot of local support.  This will mean
that if even if horse access is included the plan that it will not be given
a high priority.  Speaking out can make a real difference.  Dorothy Lowe of
the VHC Trails Committee, Pete Wilson of the Old Dominion 100 and others
have worked hard to put together a proposal to present at the meeting and
the key points are listed below.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to send a letter of
support, it should be directed to
Robert Munson
DCR Planner
203 Governor Street
Suite 326
Richmond, VA  23219

Proposal for Inclusion in the Master Plan for Raymond R. “Andy” Guest
Shenandoah River State Park

Continue the development and marking of the planned multiple use/horse
trails in Raymond R. “Andy” Guest Shenandoah River State Park per the
attached list of trails.

Construct a suitable horse trailer parking area with a turn around loop and
a source of water for horses.

Support the proposal of the Old Dominion 100-Mile Endurance Ride, Inc. for
provision of a trail connecting the Limeton area to the Bentonville low
water bridge involving redesignation of existing trails to multiple use and
development of a connector trail from Allen’s Mountain Trail to Culler’s

Maintain access to McCoy’s Ford for planned endurance rides of the Old
Dominion 100-Mile Endurance Ride, Inc.

Develop a trail which will provide access to the eastern section of the
park, including  McCoy’s Ford.

Restrict access to surrounding private lands through adequate park boundary

Develop an overnight camping area to accommodate horses and riders.

Submitted by the Virginia Horse Council Trails Committee and the Old
Dominion 100-Mile
Endurance Ride, Inc.

If you have questions you can contact Dorothy Lowe
VHC area Rep
or Pete Wilson Old Dominion 100 Rep for more details about
the proposal.
Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you think will be
interested in supporting this effort.

Sally Aungier
Chair, Virginia Horse Council Trails Committee

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