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[Re: RC: shoes]

Hi Tracy, I'm just south of Cascade, 35 miles south of McCall or 74 miles
north of Boise! Snow country!  Yeah, I know the barefoot thing can be
beneficial and I've done it before but sometimes it's worse.  Especially when
spring comes and you get "the LOOK" from the farrier and he explains how many
shoeings it will take to repair the damage!!! Heels, what heels, isn't that
what wedges are for?!! And didn't you bring some of that hoof Bondo with
you?!!  Guess until they completely lose the webs between their toes (hehe) &
toughen up in the drier climate I'm destined to keep shoes on em. 

And as for elephants... humph, what happened to good old fashioned spooky
white rocks?

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