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Critters pig proof

I have one for you folks PIG proof your horse.  The first time I rode my 
horses by the new pig farm it was interesting to say the least.  Of course 
familiarity breeds contempt and now no big deal.  There used to be a ride 
where they had wild pigs and that always caused a few mishaps.  Lovell

One day I was walking down to the barn to feed and this strange looking  pig came running toward me. I didn't know if I should run or climb on my trailer that I was near. I just stood close to the trailer. It was a 300 lb. razorback. Called my husband to get him down to the barn. The pig seemed kinda friendly. This pig must have been someones pet and was probably raised around horses. He had been fixed and his tusks removed. We never found out where he belonged but he liked it here and stayed. We have horses and cows but the pig stayed with our horses. He scared our horses at first but then he took up with my endurance horse and slept with my horse in his stall. One day I threw hay over the fence to my horse this pig picked up a mouthful of hay and carried it across the pen to where the horse was standing and dropped the hay in front of him. I saw him do this more than once. We had him for 6mo. then he made a big mistake by getting in my neighbors pasture with his calm quarter horses and scaring them and the man shot him.
My horses are pig proof.  At least in my pasture.
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