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Re: RE: Different milage buckets - end of topic

>Since this is obviously a divisive topic, I've responded to Cindy off-line.
> Don't want to engage in flame-wars here, and I don't see much room for
>productive discussion.  I see things one way, and others obviously don't.

   Hi David,
  I don't usually respond to posts but I guess tonight I have the time.
This LD question has been hotly debated on ridecamp for years. It also comes
up at AERC meetings.   I am a 5 year member with 3000 miles now. I still do
an occasional LD as well as mostly 50's and a few 100's.
   I see a real split occuring here in Calif with LD rides.  I was taught
they are for training and fun and not a race. But in S. Calif the ride
managers are calling them a race openly and giving out placements and
awards. They are encouraging racing and saying it is the way of the future
for many riders. Then I travel up north and those rides are refusing to
announce placements and loudly speaking out against any racing at that
  I know this may not sound the same as your mileage bucket theory but it is
quite similar.  The underlying question is "Should LD rides be a shorter
version of endurance rides with the same values."   A good comparison is the
50 to 100 debate.  If 100's are true endurance rides then what is a 50.
Should 50's get credit?  Why do they lump 50 mileage with 100 mileage.
Since they do this why shouldn't they lump 25 mileage with 50 mileage??
Again it is all by definition of the sport by our elected leaders.
    I don't have the answer to this and I haven't even formed my decision.
Originally I was in the 50 miles minimum camp. But maybe that is an ego
thing.  Now I can see Donna SS's point about the growth of the sport and the
way it is going.   Randy E's vision coming true.
   But as a side note: I now feel that 25 is not much of an endurance test
for most horses, not belittling LD rides which are a lot of fun, but a fact
with the horses I have worked with. I can see that 50 is near the minimum
level to be a real test and can see the point of the original founders 27
years ago that thought only 100's should be called endurance. A real test
but within the abilty of a  trained horse.  And that is why most of us start
this sport, for the challenge?

Just some thoughts, no answers.  Maybe it isn't important, I had a great 16
mile training ride today over beautiful country, it was fun. That is what it
is all about.

Jim Mitchell

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