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quick ride story

I am sure everyone is sick of seeing my name pop up and probably wearing
out their delete buttons but I had one last FUN thing to share before I try
to tear myself away from this thing!  I did manage to get in a ride today. 
Crisp, clear, and very windy but not so bad out in the woods.  Blue sky,
crunchy leaves, that smell that goes with the dead and dying leaves and
ferns...I can't describe it really.  I rode Malik, the stallion, today,
Jenny on Max, Carrie on Jonathan and my sister, Mary on her perpetually in
heat mare, Dallas!  Malik is being much better...still "talking" with a
mare around but we rode side by side with her today and he behaved like a
gentleman.  He needs that exposure so we both know what to expect when a
mare is close by...certain "talking" noises are allowed but the "I'm the
big man on campus and my job is to breed mares, whaddya think, baby?" talk
is not allowed.  He used to get whacked on the neck for it but now all I
have to do is growl his name at him to remind him.  I think he only needed
one reminder today.  Hurray....anyway, the fun part of our ride was to a
very small lake not far from our home.  We usually make a stop to go in the
water and let the horses drink or just cool off.  Malik doesn't like the
south beach at all..we always have a disagreement about it.  If the wind is
blowing, I think the little ripples make him feel dizzy.  But today we went
to the north beach and he trotted right in without one "Get your butt in
there, ya baby" from me.  Not only that, my sister decided it would be fun
to run along the little bit of beach that is there...this is a SMALL lake!!
 I thought she was silly but I figured...good experience for the horse.  He
trotted right out and in the water at the edge of the beach.  We went down
aways, turned around and he broke into a beautiful gallop IN the water (it
was very shallow).  I couldn't help myself....I had to yee ha a little
bit!!  What a blast!!!  We did it a few more times and I was so proud of
him!  I even let him have a little sprint on the way is very
humbling while at the same time exhilarating to feel those powerful
hindquarters under you and realize all the wonderful and terrible things
that could happen to you!!  (Yep, helmet's on!!) Here's to running on
beaches and cutting loose (even for just a little ways!!).  Take care
everybody.  I'm riding again tomorrow!!!  :D

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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