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Re: RC: Beet Pulp question

> Well, I talked to a lady who has
> been feeding race horses for the last 20 years and she told me
> to not feed him beet pulp. Said that the beet pulp is fiber and
> would push the other stuff I was giving him through his
> digestive tract too fast and he would not get much out of the
> other stuff, which is good stuff for him. So she suggested that
> I take the beet pulp out of the mixture.
As terre says, it relates to digestive priorities.

Another solution would be to feed the grain, wait an hour or
two, and THEN feed the beet pulp.  Same goes for hay.  The fiber won't
affect the digestion of the grains unless the grain is still in the
stomach when the fiber is fed.  If the grain is already on its way thru
the small intestine, the benefit of the grain has been gained, and the
fibrous food won't push it out of the stomach early.

-Abby B

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