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Beet Pulp question

since we are talking about beet pulp, I have a situation that I
could use some help with. I have a 21 arab gelding that we
acquired from a divorce situation a couple of years ago. That
first winter we did not think he would make it. He got diarrhea
once we put him on hay, got dehydrated and loss lots of weight.
I struggled to keep weight on him. This fall again the same
thing is happening, so I have been giving him beet pulp, hay
cubes (alfalfa) cob grain, fast track (probiotics) and vitamins.
I soak this all in a 5 gallon bucket and he is doing ok, but can
not be ridden at all otherwise he starts to go down hill again.
And it is not even cold yet. Well, I talked to a lady who has
been feeding race horses for the last 20 years and she told me
to not feed him beet pulp. Said that the beet pulp is fiber and
would push the other stuff I was giving him through his
digestive tract too fast and he would not get much out of the
other stuff, which is good stuff for him. So she suggested that
I take the beet pulp out of the mixture. 

I hate to do that because he is maintaining and gaining a little
weight. Before I started the mixture he was losing weight fast.
I have always though, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." But I
do want to do whatever I can to pull this horse through another
winter. He is an absolute love and will do whatever my 8 yr. old
daughter wants of him. He is in great shape in the summer time.
Won first place at several competitive rides. He takes good care
of my girl and would hate to lose him. So what do you guys

Lynette in ND, where it is going to get up to 70 degrees this

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