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Re: Beet Pulp question

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!  And, another suggestion.  Have you had
an equine dentist float his teeth for you?  We have had experience with
several horses who just didn't do well no matter what we tried...beet pulp,
probiotics, oil...until the teeth were floated and that was the trick!!  A
client of ours has a 3 yo Paint that I just adore...he looked pretty bad
when I first saw him.  Just not flourishing the way a 3 yo should.  We
suggested the beet pulp, oil and a probiotic and he did gain some
weight....until he started breeding season (he's a stallion) and then was
being ridden some, too.  Down went the weight.  I think the guy was a
little put out with us that our "remedy" didn't work long term.  He tried
some other feeds to no avail...well, we found out that no matter how much
they tried to feed him, he wouldn't finish it!!  It would take this horse
all day to finish 4 # of feed!  We suggested floating the teeth which he
said the vet had taken care of. When we took our stallion there for
training, we called the dentist out to pull his wolf teeth.  When he was
there, Nelson suggested that the dentist look at this horse (and a couple
more that he was having problems with that we suspected could be related to
their teeth).  The dentist found that one of the wolf teeth had not broken
through the gums on this horse (OUCH!).  There were still a lot of sharp
edges way back in his mouth as well (they had just been floated two months
prior).  Our problem around our area is that most of the vets simply don't
do a thorough job with floating teeth and often simply get the front teeth.
 To make a long story short...this horse now eats like a champ and looks
like a million bucks!!  And some of the behavior problems he was having
with other horses have been solved.

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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