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Re: RC: BC vs. first (and arrogant oldies)

Brava, Karen!  It's hard enough to put together a season on a horse, 
I admire the riders who do it ride after ride, and how it's so 
obvious that the team is enjoying itself.

I was just thinking tonight (before getting home and reading 
Ridecamp) about what I like most about this sport.  I concluded that 
besides the wonderful partnership built with one's mount, what 
appeals to me is how there's *always* something "else" to strive for. 
If you're doing 25s, then 50s.  If 50s, maybe a two day 100.  Maybe 
doing a 50 faster.  And going longer yet, perhaps, if the horse is 
ready.  Or a 5 day multi-day...

I was so stoked when I heard from Randy Eiland that he was gonna 
offer daily LDs on his relocated Renegade ride next year; the 
incredibly appealing idea of being able to see beautiful country on 
multiple days within the constraints of my still-healing neck and my 
horse's ability, when I thought I'd have to be able to do multiday 
50s to do that.  (And I immediately started talking my friends near 
and far about meeting me there to ride together, also attractive.)

On the LD rides, I'm really torn about how to handle/view BC.  As a 
ride manager, I like to recognize BC to 5th place, across the entire 
field of LD riders.  We did it this year based on overall impression, 
rather than weighting and totalling vet scores like my unofficial RM 
mentor does.

As a competitor, somebody who bounces back and forth between LD and 
50s, I like having the BC to "shoot for" if I'm riding LD, though we 
have other things like time goals, performance on certain terrain, 
etc..  Within our history together since her purchase as a 2 yr old, 
in her third competition, my horse got 1st BC at the first Warner 
Springs ride for maxing her weighted vet scores, I felt great about 
that.  6 months later, at her 4th ride, where we were hoping it was 
her last LD before moving to 50s, she looked great after the 30 mile 
finish, like she hadn't gone anywhere, finished 2nd (the first time 
not somewhere between middle of the pack and the back) and the ride 
management continued their practice of not offering BC at their rides 
for LD.  I have to admit it, I was disappointed, and feel that BC 
should be awarded to a horse doing LD unless the vets feel that no 
horses qualified.

At a recent LD, ride mgmt limited the BC consideration "field" to the 
first 20 finishers.  I didn't like asking at the finish line where we 
finished, because I usually only care about time goals, and finding 
it was around 25th "place" or so, and feeling a bit disappointed 
because my horse had gotten such great scores all day, we'd been 
"aced" out--AND feeling weird about that *mattering* at all, that I 
should even care about vet scores as long as my horse was doing well. 
I don't like the idea of nitpicking vet scores, and try to see the 
same vet all day.

As the line went in "the King and I", "it's a puzzlement!"


Ontario, CA
Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 9/2/00
and Rem-member Me, Celesteele


>At 05:10 PM 11/02/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>>She's back....... with just another couple (yeah right!)
>>thoughts on this subject. It seems to me that as a newbie,
>>when you see the winners receive the glory and the
>>headlines, and then you have to "research" to find BC
>>winners, that something is wrong with that picture. It's
>If I could just interject another point of view.  There are a lot of 
>riders out there, who don't ride competitively (i.e., in the top 
>ten) nor do they want to.  These are the riders that should get the 
>recognition, I think.  It's a good thing that everybody doesn't want 
>to ride fast, or'd be *real* tough to top ten!  I think 
>that the majority of the riders out there are in it for their own 
>personal satisfaction, and to meet their own goals.  It's nice to 
>win or get B/C but it is also just as rewarding to complete.  Some 
>people don't understand that, and those are usually the ones that 
>are too serious, and seem to be unhappy and have frowns on their 
>face when they are out on the trail.  I can't understand why these 
>people do something that seems to be so unrewarding to them -- they 
>are only happy if they are winning and grumpy otherwise.  If you are 
>seeking recognition in this sport from others, then this will 
>probably be a real disappointing sport for you...but if you are in 
>it for your own personal fulfillment then this will be the greatest 
>thing you've ever done!  It is indescribable the feeling you get 
>after completing your first ride, and after you've done a 100 or a 5 
>day ride then you really have a strong sense of satisfaction and an 
>enormous bond with your horse~~for most of us, these are the things 
>that keep us addicted to this sport.  Doesn't matter to us what 
>other people think or what recognition we receive, that's not the 
>point.  Why else would so many people be willing to spend thousands 
>of dollars each year to receive a $30 award jacket?  Oh yes, it's 
>sooo impressive....last time I wore it I was told to "take that 
>hairy thing off". hmmmmm....well maybe black polar fleece and horses 
>don't go together.  ;^)
>Anyways, I just wanted to say that some of the riders that I have 
>the most respect for are not the ones who are finishing in the front 
>of the pack.  (not that anything is wrong with that)  Just that 
>there are some really great people and horses back there, and nobody 
>seems to notice because they aren't getting top ten's or B/C's.
>Happy Trails,
>in NV
>& Rocky, 2,010 miles
>& Weaver, 3,155 miles
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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